Update—February 26, 2020: The comment period is now closed. We want to thank over 1,700 supporters who raised their voices on behalf of this important issue. We will provide an update when the USDA moves forward on a final rule. Don't forget to join the Advocacy Brigade to receive updates as well as information on ways you can help farm animals.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is issuing revised labeling guidelines for companies that want to use animal welfare claims on meat and poultry products. The agency’s updated guidelines—which enable companies raising animals in factory farm conditions to use claims like “humanely raised”—harm animals, consumers and the farmers who actually are raising animals to higher welfare standards.

While the agency has proposed a definition for the claim “free range”—rather than allowing producers to define that term on their own—the “free range” label is misleading as it does not guarantee adequate outdoor access and space for chickens and turkeys. Without higher welfare standards, “free range” labels risk misleading consumers who are looking for more humane options.

It’s important that food labels are clear and accurate so people can make informed decisions and help animals by buying products that align with their values. You can take action to create a more humane world for chickens and turkeys: Please use the form below to urge the USDA to require higher animal welfare for chickens and turkeys in order for companies to use the “free range” label.