The New York City Council has an opportunity to speak up against puppy mills and pet store cruelty. Passing Resolution 798 will send a strong message to Albany that New York City voters want to keep puppy mill puppies out of our pet shops.

The Empire State has one of the highest concentrations of pet stores in the nation, with about 2,000 puppies for sale in our pet shops at any given time. Behind nearly every one of these sales is a tragedy: the success of a puppy mill—a cruel factory for mass-producing dogs—that’s reaping a heartless profit.

NYC Resolution 798 calls upon the New York State Legislature to pass (and the Governor to sign) legislation that would prohibit the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores across the state.

California, Maryland and over 300 U.S. cities have already banned the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores. Now New York can do the same—but we need your help!

What You Can Do

We want to show Albany that New York City believes animals are companions, not commodities, and we need to make sure our laws protect them! Please use the form below to quickly and easily contact your NYC Councilmember to request support for Resolution 798.