Breaking News – November 9, 2017: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has once again put corporate interests ahead of responsible farming, consumer rights, and animal welfare by further delaying implementation of the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices (OLPP) rule. It took 17 years to develop the OLPP – the first-ever comprehensive federal standards for on-farm animal welfare – and we will not be deterred in our determination to see these standards in place.

After years of work by the ASPCA and our coalition partners, and after receiving 95,000 encouraging comments from our supporters, USDA finalized much-needed animal welfare regulations for its Organic label in January. But now, new Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is refusing to implement them.

This week, USDA delayed the rule for the second time and is now asking the public to comment on the protections—again!—seemingly with an eye toward scrapping them altogether.

Please defend the progress we've made for animals: Demand that USDA enact the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rule.

Shoppers seek out the USDA Organic seal because they expect—and pay a premium for—an ideal version of farm life, complete with happy, well-cared-for animals. Unfortunately, this program lacks many real animal welfare standards, causing the market to be flooded with “faux-ganic,” factory-farmed products that cash in on the public’s desire for higher-welfare goods without actually providing better lives for animals. These companies are hurting animals, cheating consumers, and undermining higher-welfare organic farmers, most of whom support the rule!

The comment period is closed. Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to stay informed as this issue progresses, and visit our Shop With Your Heart page to learn more about the treatment of farm animals and how you can make a difference.