Victims of Animal Fighting Need You: Join the HEART Team

Do you want to help victims of animal fighting? Then we want you!

The HEART Team is a national network of volunteer advocates, animal welfare experts and animal shelters dedicated to achieving passage of the Help Extract Animals from Red Tape (HEART) Act, important legislation that would speed up the rehabilitation and rehoming processes for animals seized in federal fighting cases and help them find new homes and happy lives sooner.

No experience is required in order to help. We’re here to offer support and guidance each step of the way so it will be easy for you to use your voice to help protect these animals, who have suffered enough.

What is the HEART Act? 

The HEART Act would require owners to reimburse the costs of caring for animals seized in federal animal fighting cases so local governments, shelters, and animal welfare organizations don’t have to shoulder that expensive burden. It would also help animals find homes faster by expediting the court processes that allow seized animals to be rehabilitated and rehomed. 

How will HEART Team members help move this important piece of legislation forward?

HEART team members, with the guidance and encouragement of the ASPCA’s Legislative Engagement staff, will lobby and educate federal legislators through a combination of grassroots advocacy work and coalition building. Here are some ways you may be asked to help:

  • Writing personal letters to your members of Congress;
  • Calling your elected officials’ Washington, D.C., and district offices to urge them to support this bill;
  • Writing Letters to the Editor for papers in your community;
  • Sharing ASPCA Action Alerts and HEART Act materials on your social media channels;
  • Attending Congressional town hall events;
  • Scheduling and attending in-district meetings with your members of Congress.

Learn more about this special team by reading our HEART Team volunteer description, and then sign up here to join the team.

We hope you’ll consider becoming the voice and heart for victims of animal fighting so they may quickly find the homes they deserve. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].