Finding Higher-Welfare Products

Finding Higher Welfare Products: Woman and Man shoping

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As consumers, we have the power to improve farm animals’ lives by choosing higher welfare and plant-based products. Our handy guide to labels notes the animal welfare certifications with the most meaningful standards. But we are aware that it can be a challenge to find higher-welfare products. They will become more available as demand grows, so it’s important for consumers to seek out and ask for these options. In the meantime, here are some tips and further resources:

Check the Certification Program’s Website

Some of the welfare certifications with the highest standards offer search engines or retailer lists to help find products near you:

Ask and Receive

supermarket request letterIf you don’t find certified products where you shop or dine, the best thing to do is to ask for them and show business owners that there is a market for more humane treatment of animals. Our customer request letter is easy to print and give to managers in-person or via email; it asks them to carry products from more humane farms and to stock up on plant-based options. If enough people ask, they will answer, so share it with your friends and family! Share this list of certified brands with your supermarket's manager and take the pledge to Shop With Your Heart to receive more great resources.

Take our request letter to your favorite markets and restaurants. [PDF/JPG]

Go to the Source

Connect to farmers directly: Check out our list of welfare-certified farms by state to see if there are any in your area

Farmers’ markets are another great way to meet local food producers and find out more about their practices. Not all farmers who sell on a small scale will be welfare-certified, but you can always encourage them by letting them know that the certification is meaningful to you. In the meantime, ask the producer whether the animals have things like indoor enrichment and pasture access, and whether they receive antibiotics only when sick. Farmers tend to appreciate an informed consumer, so don’t be shy!

Don’t know your closest market? You can locate one near you here.

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