Update: Gov. Tomblin Signs Animal Fighting Bill!

WV H.B. 4201—Increased Penalties for Animal Fighting
Sponsor:  Rep. John Overington
ASPCA Position:  Support
Action Needed:  None
Update—March 31, 2016: Great news, advocates! Governor Tomblin signed this important bill to into law. Thank you to all who spoke up on behalf of West Virginia's victims of animal fighting.

Animal fighting is a brutal blood sport where dogs or roosters are forced to fight to the death for sadistic entertainment and profit. West Virginia's penalties for this sickening activity are grossly inadequate, making the state a haven for animal fighters. 
Fortunately, the Legislature has recently passed a bill that would increase penalties for dog fighting and cockfighting, including elevated penalties for bringing a child to a fight. 
West Virginia's cockfighting lobby is working hard to convince Governor Tomblin to veto this bill. We can’t let that happen, so it is critical that he hears from animal advocates like you