Washington: Governor Signs Bill Saving Animal Lives and Shelter Resources!

WA H.B. 2644—Cost of Care
ASPCA Position:  Support
Sponsor:  Representative Brian Blake
Action Needed:  Please contact Governor Inslee and Representative Blake and thank them for passing this important bill!

UpdateMarch 4, 2016: Great news, advocates! Governor Inslee signed H.B. 2644 into law, enhancing law enforcements ability to shelter and care for seized animals from cruelty situations. Thanks to all of you who made your voices heard on this important issue! Please contact Governor Inslee and Representative Blank and thank them for passing this meaningful legislation—see action steps below.

The high cost of caring for animals rescued from dog fighting operations, neglectful owners or other cruelty situations can burden already cash-strapped law enforcement agencies and even prevent them from pursuing investigations of these difficult cases.  

A recent cruelty case involving over 60 malnourished horses in Spokane resulted in nearly $100,000 in unanticipated costs for local government agencies. When communities are routinely saddled with these unexpected, open-ended costs, other necessary services risk being cut and animal cruelty laws can go unenforced.

House Bill 2644 will make investigating these horrendous crimes less of a challenge for local governments by enhancing law enforcement’s ability to anticipate costs associated with sheltering seized animals rescued from cruel situations.  

What You Can Do

First, please place a quick, polite phone call to Governor Inslee at (360) 902-4111 and Rep. Blake at (360) 786-7870 and thank them for passing H.B. 2644.

Then, follow-up on your call with an email to your lawmakers with the same message of gratitude. You can send Governor Inlsee an email here, and Representative Blake here

Thank you, Washington!