USA: Horse Slaughter May Come Back to the U.S. Unless We Can Stop It Right Now

U.S. Agriculture Appropriations for 2016
ASPCA Position:  Support language banning tax dollars for horse slaughter
Action Needed:  None at this time

Update—December 18, 2015:  Great news, advocates! The language blocking funding for domestic horse slaughter inspections was retained in the final version of the FY2016 Appropriations bill passed by the U.S. House and Senate and signed by President Obama. Thank you for making your voice heard on this important issue. Learn more how the federal spending bill will help protect animals here.

We won a major victory for horses when the 2015 federal spending bill was signed into law. That bill renewed a ban on the use of tax dollars for inspections of horse slaughterhouses, which prevented the opening of horse slaughter plants in several states.

This important provision is in jeopardy, which puts every American horse in danger.  If we fail to renew the horse slaughter funding ban, horses are very likely to be killed for their meat right here in the United States. Congress must retain this provision to prevent this cruel and environmentally devastating industry from re-establishing roots on U.S. soil.