USA: Give Your U.S. Rep Feedback on the Horse Slaughter Vote

U.S. House Agriculture Appropriations for 2017
ASPCA Position:  Support Farr-Dent Amendment banning tax dollars for horse slaughter.
Action Needed:  Email your U.S. rep to thank or critique his/her April 19 vote on federal horse slaughter funding. Enter your address in our form, and the correct message will load up automatically.
We are happy to report the House Appropriations Committee approved the amendment offered by Reps. Sam Farr (D-CA) and Charlie Dent (R-PA) to continue the ban on the use of federal dollars to support the horse slaughter industry.
This ban, which prevents the cruel and environmentally devastating horse slaughter industry from reestablishing roots on U.S. soil, must be renewed every year as part of the federal agriculture appropriations process. The amendment passed by a narrow margin of 2 votes (25-23).
Opponents who want to bring this grisly practice back to the U.S. have fought hard to dissuade committee members from supporting this amendment.
That’s why it’s critically important that those who stood beside us and brought this vote to victory deserve recognition. We hope that receiving positive reinforcement from constituents will inspire legislators to continue to protect horses and other animals. 
It’s equally important to hold them accountable when they vote the wrong way for animals. If your lawmaker voted no on the Farr-Dent Amendment, it is vital that you express your disappointment to show you are paying attention and disagree with his/her choice.

What You Can Do

All representatives will have another opportunity to vote on this issue in the coming weeks, and we want to ensure that they stand by us.
Please use the form below to quickly email your U.S. representative and thank him or her for voting the right way for horse or express your disappointment in his or her vote against horses. 
Please note: After you enter your address in the form below, our system will look up your representative’s vote on the Farr-Dent amendment and provide the appropriate pre-drafted message. Be sure to edit the message to include why protecting horses is important to you!
On behalf of America’s horses, thank you!

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