USA: Future of Horse Slaughter Before Senate Appropriations Committee

U.S. Senate Agriculture Appropriations for FY 2017
ASPCA Position:  Support amendment banning tax dollars for horse slaughter
Action Needed:  The Senate Appropriations Committee will be considering this bill on Thursday, May 19. Please call and email your U.S. senator serving on the Senate Appropriations Committee TODAY and urge her or him to support the Udall-Kirk Amendment to continue the ban on using tax dollars for horse slaughterhouse inspections. 
Update—May 13, 2016:  Advocates, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee just announced that it will consider the Agriculture Appropriations bill for 2017, including consideration of the amendment to prohibit funding for horse slaughter in this country for another year, on Thursday, May 19. There is no time to lose, so please contact your senator today.
You may recall that we won a major victory for horses last year when the 2016 spending bill was signed into law. The bill renewed a ban on the use of tax dollars for inspections of horse slaughterhouses, which successfully prevented the opening of horse slaughter plants in the United States. 
Unfortunately, this ban will expire in September and must be renewed in order to protect our nation from the cruel, unnecessary and predatory industry of horse slaughter. 
The U.S. Senate is preparing the Agriculture Appropriations bill for 2017, and we are pleased to report that Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) and Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) will be offering an amendment to the bill to prohibit the use of tax dollars for horse slaughter. It is critical that your legislator vote in favor of the horse slaughter funding limitation amendment to ensure that the ban will continue.
Opponents who want to bring this grisly practice back to the U. S. are counting on Congress to let the ban expire. It is now more urgent than ever that Congress continue the ban and prevent this cruel and environmentally devastating industry from establishing roots on U.S. soil. 
The House Appropriations Committee recently voted to support this important amendment. It is now up to the Senate to ensure its inclusion in the final bill—your help can make a difference in the outcome.

What You Can Do

If you received an email from the ASPCA directing you to this page, you belong to a special group of individuals who can help us win this battle! Our records indicate that at least one of your U.S. senators sits on the Senate Appropriations Committee, which will decide the fate of the horse slaughter defund amendment on Thursday, May 19.
It is critical that your U.S. senator hear from you today, so please take these two simple actions right now:
1. Call your U.S. senator’s office in Washington, D.C. If you don’t know which of your two senators serves on the Senate Appropriations Committee, look through this list to find your senator, then click the link to go to his/her official website, where you will find a contact number. Don’t be nervous about calling—it’s easy, fast, and by far the most effective thing you can do! If you don’t know what to say, don’t worry. You can use this script when speaking with the receptionist:
“Hi, this is [your name] and I am your constituent residing in [town and state]. I’m calling today to urge Senator [your senator’s name] to vote YES on the Udall-Kirk Amendment to continue the ban on horse slaughter funding in the 2017 Agriculture Appropriations bill. As a horse lover, I do not want my tax dollars subsidizing horse slaughter. Thank you!”
2. Then, send a follow-up email to your senator stating that you oppose the use of taxpayer dollars for horse slaughter inspections. Please note that the form has two steps: After you submit your information, you will be able to view and edit our pre-drafted message before authorizing it to send. Please remember to add your own message about why you oppose horse slaughter in the box provided!
On behalf of our nation’s horses, thank you! Your action is a crucial part of advancing the fight to prevent the slaughter of American horses.
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