South Carolina, Oppose Bills Denying Veterinary Care to Pets

SC Multiple Bills—Limiting Non-profit Veterinary Services
ASPCA Position:  Oppose
Action Needed:  Please politely call and email your state senator and representative and urge them to oppose dangerous legislation to limit non-profit veterinary services.
Both private and non-profit veterinarians are critical to promoting animal welfare. However, some misguided segments of the veterinary community view efforts by humane organizations to be in conflict with their work, and have responded with attempts to limit critical non-profit veterinary services. 
The State Legislature is considering multiple pieces of legislation that would deprive pets of veterinary care by restricting non-profit veterinary care providers (such as mobile spay/neuter clinics) from providing certain critical services to South Carolina’s most vulnerable citizens and their pets in need of help.
These bills would take away affordable and accessible services from members of the public who may not otherwise have access to or seek out veterinary care. This is unnecessary, unfair and would undermine animal welfare in South Carolina. 

What You Can Do

Thousands of pets in your state are counting on you! Please take the following actions today:
1.  Please make a quick, polite phone call to your state senator and representative and urge them to oppose any bill that would limit non-profit veterinary services. You can find your state legislators' names and phone numbers here.
2. Then, follow up on your phone call by using the form below to send an email with the same message of opposition.
Thank you, South Carolina.

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