NYC, It’s Time: Let’s Make History for Carriage Horses!

NYC Intro. 573-B—Restrict NYC's Carriage Horses to Central Park
Council Members Daniel Dromm and Ydanis Rodriguez (by request of the Mayor)
ASPCA Position:  Support
Action Needed:  Please use the form below to email your City Council member today and urge him or her to support and cosponsor Intro. 573-B.

Update—February 4, 2016: Intro. 574-B is no longer expected to be voted on by the full City Council this Friday. We will update you as information develops. Thank you, advocates.

The New York City Council is considering Intro. 573-B, legislation to decrease the number of carriage horses allowed to work in the City and limit their working area to Central Park. This legislation is a strong step forward on this long-standing issue; its enactment will mean that these horses will be spared from future exposure to the worst perils of our harsh New York City environment.

Please act quickly to encourage your Council member to vote YES on Intro. 573-B.

Intro. 573-B would:

  • Reduce the total number of licensed carriage horses to 95, while limiting the number of horses working at any one time to 75.
  • Restrict carriage operations to and house the horses in Central Park. The ASPCA has always contended that the main problem with this industry is the presence of the horses on our loud, polluted and dangerous streets, not the act of pulling a carriage itself.
  • Provide meaningful improvements to horse welfare such as greatly increasing stall size, time off and regulating humane carriage horse retirement.  

The importance of the humane retirement requirements proposed in this bill cannot be overstated. The ASPCA will gladly assist any carriage-horse owner requiring assistance in finding new homes for their horses by tapping into our national network of rescue partners.

What You Can Do

New Yorkers, our city’s carriage horses are counting on you to be their voice. Passage of this bill would improve their lives dramatically and make our city both more humane and safer for all.

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Thank you, New York City.

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