Nebraska, Protect Your State’s Citizens, Animals and Land! 

NE L.R. 3738CA—Right to Farm
ASPCA Position:  Oppose
Action Needed:  None at this time
Update—March 28, 2016: Good news, advocates! This bill has been withdrawn so is likely dead for this session. Thanks to all of you who made calls and sent emails to make your voices heard on this issue!
The Nebraska Legislature is considering a dangerous measure that would amend the state constitution to put in place hurdles to regulating industrial-scale farms. The impact of this deceptively-named "Right to Farm" measure would be disastrous for Nebraska's family farms and for animal welfare.
If it were to pass, future state lawmakers and Nebraska citizens would be unable to enact even the most basic policies regarding animal welfare and food safety. The bill would not only give factory farms a pass to pollute the environment and abuse animals but could also enable puppy millers to carry on inhumane practices.