Missouri, Abused Animals and Law Enforcement Need Your Help!

MO H.B. 1969—Dismantle Cost of Animal Care Law
ASPCA Position:  Oppose
Action Needed:  None at this time

Update—June 3, 2016:  Fortunately, the Missouri Legislature adjourned without passing this harmful measure. Thank you to all of you who spoke out in opposition!

The enforcement of Missouri's anti-cruelty laws depends greatly on the ability of law enforcement agencies to seize and care for animals caught in cruelty situations.

Fortunately, Missouri has a process in place that gives judges authority to order seized animals be surrendered to an animal shelter where they can then be adopted into good homes. Without this process, municipalities and taxpayers can be saddled with the high, open-ended costs of caring for seized animals. Animal-cruelty laws risk going unenforced or animal victims could end up staying in the hands of their abusers for months or years while their alleged abusers await trail.

H.B. 1969 would have effectively eliminated this commonsense law and could have detered law enforcement from intervening in clear cases of abuse.