Maryland, Crack Down on Puppy Mill Cruelty! Important Bill Needs Your Voice

MD S.B. 663/H.B. 1113—Pet Store Sourcing Restrictions
ASPCA Position: 
Sponsor:  Senator Joanne Benson and Delegate Ben Kramer
Action Needed:  Please call and email your Maryland state senator and/or delegate serving on the House Economic Matters and Senate Finance Committees today and urge them to support this important measure. See action steps below.

Maryland has taken a stand against puppy mills—dog breeding operations where profit is prioritized over the well-being of the dogs—by regulating the state’s commercial dog breeders.

But, unfortunately, Maryland's retail pet stores continue to fuel the cruel puppy mill industry by buying and reselling up to 10,000 puppies from out-of-state and unlicensed breeders each year, including some from the worst puppy mills across the country. What’s more, roadside sales of animals by backyard breeders and unlicensed puppy mills are also prevalent in Maryland.

The General Assembly is considering a bill that would require pet stores to only sell puppies from licensed breeders who do not have certain violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act and ban the sale of animals on roadsides and other public places.

This would be a huge step forward in cutting cruel puppy millers out of the market and protecting consumers from purchasing puppies from inhumane and unhealthy conditions.

What You Can Do
Please don’t delay: This bill will be heard by House and Senate committees this week. It is imperative that you take these two quick and important actions today:

1. Make a quick, polite phone call to your state delegate and/or senator in Annapolis and urge him or her to support S.B.663 and H.B.1113 to address puppy mill cruelty in Maryland. You can find out who represents you here. Click on your legislators’ names to find their phone numbers.

2. Then, follow up on your phone call by using the form below to email your legislators with the same message of support.

Thank you, Maryland!


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