Indiana, Thank You for Being a Voice for Animals!

IN: Multi Animal-Protection Bills
ASPCA Position:  Support
Action Needed:  Please call Governor Pence and your state legislators to thank them for their support and leadership on two important animal-protection bills introduced during the now completed 2016 session.  
We want to thank all of our Indiana advocates who made phone calls, wrote letters and spoke up on behalf of animals in your state! 
Spay/Neuter Legislation - Passed
Despite incredible progress and hard work by the more than 200 shelters and rescues in Indiana, many of the tens of thousands of animals surrendered to shelters each year are euthanized. On March 24, Governor Pence signed critical legislation that will help address the problem of animal homelessness in Indiana by requiring that shelters and rescue groups spay/neuter dogs and cats before they can be adopted. This new requirement, which goes into effect in 2021, will ensure that animals adopted from shelters and rescues do not continue to breed and contribute to the problem. In 2017, we hope to build on this momentum and pass legislation that will increase spay/neuter funding, so stay tuned!
Bill to Protect Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets Introduced
Legislation was introduced this session to authorize judges to include pets in protective orders for victims of domestic violence. Sadly, people often delay leaving dangerous situations for fear of what will happen to their pets. This bill to protect both humans and pets did not receive a hearing this session, so we will need your help getting it across the finish line in 2017!
What You Can Do
It’s so critical that animal advocates let lawmakers know that we are paying attention and make them feel appreciated for their leadership and support when they vote to protect animals. 
Please call Governor Pence and your state legislators to thank them for passing the spay/neuter bill. While on the phone, please tell them to pass the bill to allow pets to be included in protective orders issues to victims of domestic violence in 2017!
You can reach Governor Pence at (317) 232-4567. If you don’t know the names and phone numbers for your state senator and representative, you can find them here
Thank you, Indiana!