Connecticut, Dogs Need Your Voice! Support Bill to Ensure Safe, Secure Shelter

Proper Shelter for Dogs
Reps. Brenda Kupchick, Diana Urban, David Zoni and Fred Camillo
ASPCA Position:  Support
Action Needed:  None at this time

Update—May 6, 2016:  Advocates, unfortunately, the language to require safe, secure sheltering for all dogs did not make it into the final bill. The bill, as it was ultimately worded, did not pass. Thank you to everyone who spoke up on this important issue. We hope you will stand by our side as we continue this fight on behalf of Connecticut’s dogs next year.

In 2013, a Norwalk pit bull named Lucy suffered burns over most of her body when a space heater ignited the tarp that served as a roof over her makeshift dog house. Lucy’s male companion was also injured, and her two puppies were killed in the blaze.

The Connecticut General Assembly has drafted a life-saving bill that would prevent this type of tragedy by requiring safe, secure sheltering for all dogs.

As a constituent, you have the power to improve the lives of dogs across Connecticut by making your support for this important bill known to your state legislators. In fact, we can’t get it introduced and passsed without your support and advocacy—it is imperative that they hear from you today.