Arizona, Puppy Mill Dogs Need Your Voice!

AZ S.B. 1248—Prohibition on Local Pet Store Bans
ASPCA Position:  Oppose
Action Needed:  None at this time.
Update—May 23, 2016:  Unfortunately, S.B. 1248, the bill to take away local authority to regulate puppy mill sales, passed the legislature and has been signed into law by Governor Ducey. We want to thank all of you who made your voices heard on this important issue and hope you will stand beside us as we continue to fight puppy mill cruelty in Arizona and across the country.

Two of Arizona’s largest cities, Phoenix and Tempe, have taken a stand against puppy mills by banning the sale of puppies in retail pet stores. More than 100 other localities across the nation have passed similar laws. Unfortunately, some Arizona lawmakers quietly passed a bill that will undo the ordinances passed in Tempe and Phoenix and prevent other Arizona cities from banning the retail sale of puppy mill puppies in the future.
This bill was misleadingly promoted as "responsible" pet store regulations, but it will actually allow puppy mill puppies to be sold in pet stores in Arizona. S.B. 1248 is a giant leap backward in the progress made toward reducing puppy mill cruelty and keeping greedy commercial breeders from profiting off of unwitting Arizonans.