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Every food purchase is a vote for how animals should be raised. Reject factory farming! We have the power to show that there is no market for farm animal cruelty by picking meat, dairy or eggs from credible, welfare-certified farms and by choosing more plant-based meals.

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Download or print our handy guide to make the most informed decisions every time you shop.
Plant-based and welfare-certified brands available online and at supermarkets across the country.
Interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet? Learn about how eating plant-based foods can make a major difference for farm animals, the environment and your own health.
Locate a nearby farm that’s certified by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA), Certified Humane (CH), or Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) Steps 2 and above.
Check out our video and list of questions to ask farmers so you can make the most humane choices at your local farmers market.
Good Groceries
Farm animal cruelty, foodborne illness, worker abuse and pollution are interconnected problems, but you can help make our food supply healthier for people, animals and the planet.

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Businesses decide what to offer based on demand, so it’s all about asking. Learn how you can make your voice heard.

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