Update—May 3, 2018: The comment period has now closed. We want to thank everyone who took action on this important issue! Please stay tuned—we may need your help in the future.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed allowing pig slaughterhouses nationwide to operate without speed limits. This is outrageous, and we must stop it from happening. Nearly 120 million pigs are slaughtered each year in the U.S., and slaughterhouses currently have some speed limitations. But now the USDA is dead set on allowing these facilities to run as fast as they want, potentially killing up to approximately 1,300 pigs per hour. This reckless move by the government will put these already vulnerable animals at risk of increased terror and pain in their final minutes of life.

Investigations into slaughterhouses have repeatedly shown abuse and cruel use of force against pigs, partly driven by the frantic pace of production. Allowing faster slaughter means meat companies can put more pressure on workers to use cruel tools, like electric prods, to process animals quickly. It can also mean less time to stun animals, potentially resulting in pigs regaining consciousness before slaughter.

This dangerous proposal will cause pigs to suffer horrific deaths, plus increase the risks of foodborne illness and worker injury, all for the sake of increased industry profits.

We must raise our voices against this unacceptable cruelty. Please submit a comment to the USDA today telling them that the proposal is unsafe and inhumane, and we will not stand for it.