Ohio: Urge Your Lawmakers to Support Animal-Protection Bills!

OH: Multiple Animal-Protection Bills
ASPCA Position:  Support
Action Needed:  Please email your state senator and representative in Columbus now and urge them to support these humane bills.

The Ohio Legislature is considering four animal-related bills that will reduce animal cruelty in your state. Please contact your state legislators in Columbus today and urge them to support these important measures.

Support:  OH H.B. 60–Felony Cruelty (Goddard’s Law)
Sponsor: Representatives David Hall and Bill Patmon
In the past several years, animals in Ohio have been stabbed, beaten, set on fire, shot with bullets and arrows, knowingly starved and otherwise tortured and left to die. Sadly, these horrific acts have been prosecuted only as misdemeanors. This bill would make it a first-offense felony crime to knowingly cause serious physical harm, substantial suffering, or death to a companion animal.

Support:  OH H.B. 94–Tethering Restrictions
Representative John Barnes, Jr.
This bill would make it illegal to tether an animal in unsafe circumstances, including during extreme weather; without adequate shelter, food or water; or for prolonged periods of time. Continuously tethered dogs are more likely to bite, making this an important public safety measure as well.

Support:  OH H.B. 215–Felony Cockfighting
Representative Barbara Sears
This bill would make it a felony to place a bet at a cockfight, as well as make it a felony to work at, charge admission to, or allow minors to attend such an event. Ohio is one of only a few states that have not enacted felony penalties for this blood sport, making our state a haven for cockfighting, which is also closely connected to crimes such as gambling, illegal drug and weapon distribution, and other acts of violence.

Support:  OH S.B. 195–Bestiality Prohibition
Sponsor: Senator Jim Hughes
This bill would make it a crime to engage in bestiality (sexual activity with an animal). This offense is not only cruel to animals, but is closely tied to violence and sexual abuse against children and adults.


What You Can Do
Using the form below, please send an email to your state senator and representative during the summer recess so they will be ready to work on these bills when they return in the fall.

Thank you, Ohio.

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