Externship Opportunities at the ASPCA

ASPCA Animal Hospital Externship Program

The ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) is a non-profit animal hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that provides high quality, specialized and general medical care to animals belonging to the public, as well as to shelter animals and those who have been victims of cruelty. We are staffed by three full-time board certified internists, a full time board-certified surgeon, 12 generalists, 6 interns, a part-time board-certified cardiologist, part-time board-certified surgeon, and part-time board-certified radiologist. Doctors’ rounds are held daily. Our ICU provides 24-hour care with a nursing staff of exclusively licensed veterinary technicians.

Animals that are seized by the NYPD for alleged abuse are brought to AAH and cared for by our veterinarians who also provide forensics, necropsies, legal statements and court testimony. AAH provides hospitalization and 24-hour care for shelter animals in need of more intensive care and monitoring, as well as animals rescued from hoarding situations. We also provide subsidized care to pets of those with financial challenges; our environment is highly rewarding as we are able to provide high-level services to populations of animals who otherwise would have no resource for veterinary assistance.

There is an enormous amount of information to be gained by exposure to our extensive caseload. Interaction with clinicians, interns, and technicians allows students to learn emergency medicine, preventive medicine, shelter medicine, the identification and treatment of victims of cruelty, and to observe advanced diagnostics for complicated medical and surgical conditions. All are welcome to attend lectures, medical rounds and continuing education seminars.

Candidates must be third- or fourth-year veterinary students in good academic standing at an AVMA accredited school of Veterinary Medicine. We do not enroll any students for externships from June 15th through July 15th. We can accommodate veterinary student externs for a maximum of 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we do not offer housing accommodations or parking. Applications must be received at least one month prior to the requested start date. Fill out the externship application form and submit with a copy of your CV. For additional information please email Alessandra Pattavina at [email protected] or call Michelle Albino at (212) 876-7700 x 4324.

ASPCA Externship in Veterinary Forensic Medicine

The ASPCA is the oldest humane society in North America and offers students a chance to experience the many different unique challenges faced by veterinarians working in forensic medicine and anti-cruelty case management.

As of January 1, 2014 a formal partnership was formed between the ASPCA and the New York Police Department (NYPD). NYPD became responsible for law enforcement response to all animal cruelty complaints in New York City. The ASPCA continued to responsible for the forensic evaluation and medical care of all animal victims of abuse. This is a historic and groundbreaking partnership. NYPD, the largest urban police force (34,000 uniformed police officers) in the United States now responds to complaints of animal cruelty 24 hours per day, seven days a week. In the first year of the partnership, 425 animals were rescued by NYPD and brought to the ASPCA. In 2015 and 2016, 701 and 989 animals respectively were rescued by NYPD and brought to the ASPCA. Because animals are so significantly integrated into our society it is appropriate and necessary for local police departments to be responding to complaints of animal abuse. The ASPCA-NYPD partnership is a model for the country.

Animals who are suspected victims of cruelty are evaluated by the ASPCA NYC Veterinary Forensic Staff. These animals are provided the care necessary for medical and behavioral rehabilitation at the ASPCA Animal Hospital (weeks to months of care).

In addition to animal cruelty cases, the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Group has a Cruelty Intervention Advocacy program. This program works with animal hoarders, low-income pet owners and victims of domestic violence with pets.

Forensics externs will be exposed to all of the basic areas of forensic veterinary medicine. They will participate in the intake of all new cases brought by NYPD to the ASPCA Animal Hospital. They will observe live forensic evaluations and forensic necropsies. Externs will also attend the weekly Animal Health and Welfare meeting which includes representatives from the Anti-Cruelty Group, ASPCA Animal Hospital, Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Placement (including behavior staff) to review the cases that are being managed by our service including euthanasia decisions. If the opportunity presents itself, the students will participate in a hoarding visit, a crime scene investigation, the ASPCA’s Community Medicine program and/or attend a criminal trial.

Candidates must be third- or fourth-year veterinary students in good academic standing at an AVMA accredited school of Veterinary Medicine. Externships are up to four weeks in duration. Please complete the externship application form and submit with a copy of your CV. For additional information, please contact Adrianna Ruiz via email at [email protected].

This is a popular externship. Please apply at least six months prior to the requested start date.