Brown Brindle/ White
Pit Bull Terrier Mix
1 year

Toffee is ready to throw on her sneakers and get moving! This active pup is on the hunt for a coach who can help her refine her skills and blossom into the pro athlete she’s meant to be. If you have a little pep in your step and some time in your schedule to scrimmage, you have to meet Toffee!

Big fan of: Playtime! Fetch is Toffee’s game of choice—this spunky lady will happily hop along after any and every ball you throw! Bounce that ball as high as you can, and Toffee will jump up after it like a kangaroo! But Toffee doesn’t limit herself to just fetch. She’s also a big fan of “find it,” and will always search around for a yummy snack! Give her a quick glance of a tasty treat and she might even show you her rock-solid "sit" skills!

Special features: The world is an exciting place for Toffee! She loves going out for walks and seeing everything the city has to offer, and she’s working hard on remembering not to pull on her leash or get distracted by other dogs passing by. To Toffee, the only thing more amazing than a walk is attention from her humans, and she’s learning to remember her manners around friends and during games.

Dream home: Toffee would like an active adopter who can give her plenty of exercise and training! She can live with teens and up, and should be the only pup in the household.