Brown Brindle/ White
American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
2 years

Judging by Socky’s handsome smile, zest for life and love of people, you’d never know that before coming to the ASPCA Adoption Center Socky didn’t have it too easy. His past experiences have left him with some unique behavioral challenges—so he’s not a dog who will thrive with just anyone. But, we know the right adopter for Socky is out there somewhere—and Socky’s hoping that may just be you.

Based on the information we have, in his previous home Socky spent the majority of his time confined to either one room or a crate. He did not have the chance to learn how to live appropriately in an apartment or house, leaving him with difficulty understanding when and where to use the bathroom. But, now that he’s out of that small indoor space, the world is such an exciting place! There’s so much to do and see, and Socky likes to stay active and explore it all. He needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy—when not provided with enough, he’s shown some destructive behavior and resource guarding over items that aren’t his. He also tends to be very jumpy and has had some handling issues, particularly when placing a collar. But through everything, it’s still clear that Socky is an intelligent guy. He wants to learn to overcome these challenges—he just needs your help. Our Behavior team can give you plenty of background on Socky and tips and tricks to help him succeed.

Socky may be a little rough around the edges, but at his core he’s a sweet boy who just wants a few things—an adopter to shower him in unconditional love and a comfy home where he can keep busy. He absolutely adores playing games, gnawing on bones and chew toys and finding new and exciting ways to make his human friends smile. Socky is a super affectionate boy and lap snuggles are his activity of choice! He has so much love to give, and after what he’s been through it’s amazing how bright that part of him still shines. 

With the right adopter—someone with dog experience in a home with teens and up—and positive reinforcement training, Socky could absolutely flourish. He has so much potential to be an amazing companion to the right person, and if you take him home you’re sure to look back and be glad you did.