Pit Bull Terrier Mix
9 years

Do you love the idea of a fixer upper? How about a very cool dog with a few rough edges that, if smoothed out, would be a real gem? If so, then say hello to Orson! This roly-poly guy is about 8 years old and has been in the care of the ASPCA for a very long time. While staff and volunteers adore Orson, there’s no place like home, and we’re committed to getting Orson there. Are you ready for your fixer upper?

Big fan of: Making new friends and finding new adventures! Orson is a friendly guy who loves to meet new people and is always smiling. His ideal day would include a long evening stroll, or a nice car ride with his favorite person followed by cuddling on the couch. Despite his size, Orson is a total lap dog. Here at the ASPCA, you can often find him with his head resting on a volunteer’s lap while they hang out in his kennel. Orson has a medium energy level and loves to play with toys. He will keep you laughing with his big smile and charming personality. Maybe he will even tell you about the time he got to hang out with Sir Patrick Stewart!

Things he’s working on: We’re not gonna sugar coat it - Orson’s house manners leave a lot to be desired, and that’s where you come in! We don’t know if Orson has ever had the chance to live in a home, so treating him just like a new puppy, with a schedule and close supervision until he learns the ropes about furniture and house training will set him up for success. Orson loves sleeping in his crate and will willingly go in when given a hand signal. Orson has hearing loss as a result of ear infections in the past, but this guy can still learn and get into a home routine, it may just take longer than the average bear. Once in a home, Orson will need continued ear cleanings to keep his ears healthy but he is a pro at receiving his spa treatments!

Special features: Orson knows “sit” and “down!” Because of his hearing loss he knows all of his tricks with hand signals and would love to continue learning! He also walks very nicely when out on his leash and is comfortable walking past other dog friends on the street. Orson will gladly hang out and relax while you enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book on a park bench. He just loves to be near his people.

Dream home: Orson seeks a family eager to take on his reintroduction to the world and help him transition from shelter to home. Our team is standing by with support and tips to help this guy finally find his way home. While Orson is polite to dogs for quick greetings on walks, he can be inappropriate when interacting with dogs. For this reason so we recommend he be the only dog in his new home.

If you’re interested in adopting Orson, please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.


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