Terrier Mix
1 year

There’s a new Maria in New York City, and she’s ready to tell her “east side story”! This fun-loving lady is looking for a new human friend to dance alongside her. If you’ve got space in your heart for a whole lot of spunk, get ready to sing a duet with Maria!

Big fan of: Playtime! Maria can’t get enough of her favorite doggy games. She particularly enjoys fetch and won’t let you forget it! The farther you throw that ball, the better for this girl. While Maria adores playing with her favorite people she can get a little uncomfortable around new human friends, especially when unfamiliar faces enter her space. But, she’s a lover at heart! Give her time and she’ll be your BFF. She isn’t as keen on other dogs as she is on people and would prefer to be the only pup in the household.

Special features: Maria is one smart lady! She already knows “sit” and can’t wait to learn more of her basic manners. She’s always willing to work hard for a taste of her favorite treat—cheese—and she’s getting better every day at sharing with people. Maria may be housetrained, and our Behavior staff can give you tips and tricks to help her remember to only use the bathroom outside.

Dream home: Maria is looking for an experienced adopter that is willing to be player two in all her favorite games! She would prefer a quiet, adults-only household.

This animal is available for adoption via our Adoption Center. If you are interested in adopting please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.
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