American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
11 months

Gambit is a young athlete looking for a varsity family who shares his kinetic energy. Gambit had a rough past before being rescued by the NYPD and coming to the ASPCA, and although he was mistreated as a young puppy, he has quickly learned to trust people who treat him with kindness. Gambit hasn’t yet had the opportunity to leave shelter life behind for good, and as a result he often looks for ways to feel in control of his body and his surroundings. To avoid returning to his kennel Gambit will often grab at clothing with his mouth. Behavior staff have been working to help Gambit feel more comfortable returning to his kennel and are ready to help his new family learn the skills to guide his transition into a new home.

Gambit needs an adopter who is ready to give him the time to adjust and allow for this habit to fade as he gets comfortable at home – this may take a few weeks or months. Gambit is enthusiastic about bringing his fun-loving vigor to a new family and is an eager and fast learner. Could you be Gambit’s new best friend and coach?

Big fan of: Playtime with his favorite people and dogs! Gambit is young, lively and sometimes rambunctious, and he loves to play fetch or romp around with other dogs his size. He loves to be chased in play with dogs and take breaks from play by hanging next to his human friends. After a good romp, Gambit will settle in for cuddles and pets or hang in his bed with a nice chew toy. Gambit is also a fan of walks. He is a doll on the leash and will walk by your side, run along with you, and loves to stop and sniff the flowers!

Special features: Gambit is one smart gentleman. He already knows “sit,” “down,” how to target his nose to your hand at the word “touch,” and is even learning to go to his bed on cue! This guy is a fast learner and is eager to learn even more basic manners. Gambit is already housetrained and will likely only need a short adjustment time to remember to use the bathroom outside only. Our Behavior staff has tips to help set Gambit up for success the moment he comes home!

Dream home: Gambit needs a patient adopter who is ready to do some training and keep active with him. Our staff can give you guidance to make this fun for both you and Gambit! Gambit missed a lot of his puppyhood but is making up for lost time starting now. He can join a home with teens and up!



This animal is available for adoption via our Adoption Center. If you are interested in adopting please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.
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