Grey/Brown/ White
Mixed Breed
3 years

Sometimes a dog rolls through the ASPCA Adoption Center and instantly becomes a favorite topic of conversation amongst staff. Right now, that dog is Chowder! Maybe it’s his big personality, his excitement to go out for walks or the fact that he loves anyone and everyone. Either way, Chowder has clearly won over all the people he’s already met—and he’d love to win over you, too!

Big fan of: People! They say dogs are man’s best friend, and for Chowder, that means being everyone’s best friend. Even if you’re a stranger, as soon as sweet Chowder spots you he’s sure to show you his handsome smile and walk right over for pets and scratches! He may even reward you with a kiss or two. And if you have a leash in your hand, even better! Chowder adores getting outside to stretch his legs and see the world. But the real fun for Chowder comes when he gets to take part in a doggy playgroup! His size and excited play style can be a little too much for some dogs, but that doesn’t stop Chowder from trying!

Special features: Chowder is a smart guy! He loves to show off how great he is at “sit,” and is working hard on learning more tricks and manners, including remembering to use the bathroom outside and walking politely on a leash.

Dream home: Chowder loves everyone and would make a wonderful family dog! He would do well as either the only pup in the home or with a large-sized doggy roommate.