American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
2 years

More About Her:

Camila is a beautiful gal with a face that is tough to say “no” to. This lovable pup is sweet, sensitive and charming—just what you’d expect from a polite young lady. While Camila at first seems selective about who she chooses to give her affection to, after some time to warm up, she will quickly become your new BFF. She is looking for a loving home where she can become the queen of the castle.

Big fan of: Walks and quality time with her favorite people! Camila loves when it’s time to go on a walk, but she sometimes feels frightened when she encounters loud, startling noises. She also loves to spend time with the people she loves—especially when she can curl up next to you and snuggle. Once she warms up, she becomes the social gal we know and love. Camila likes most dog friends and loves to play, but she sometimes forgets her size when she is in the company of smaller dogs and can get over excited.

Special features: Camila is one smart pup. She already knows “sit,” and knows to only use the bathroom outside. Our Behavior team can help you with tips on how to make Camila’s adjustment a comfortable one. Camila has some issues with her back legs, but with medication and joint supplements, she does just fine. Our medical team can provide you with all of the information you need to keep Camila in happy and healthy in her new home.

Dream home: Camila is looking for a home with a sensitive, understanding adopter who will make her feel safe and comfortable in her new home. She can join a household with children six years and older.