9 months

Sweet, shy and a total lovebug—that’s Bramble for you! This young pup is truly an old soul. Bramble arrived to the ASPCA Adoption Center from rural Alabama, and so far the big city is a little too much for this sensitive boy. He would thrive with a patient and understanding adopter who enjoys the quiet things in life and can take things slow with him! Could that be you?

Big fan of: Belly rubs! Once Bramble feels comfortable around you this guy rolls over onto this back and sticks his feet way up in the air, just begging for tummy rubs! Not only that, but Bramble sometimes even sticks his little tongue out while doing so. When he isn’t busy getting plenty of pets, there’s only one place Bramble likes to be—in your lap! This pup is the definition of snuggle bug and loves curling up with his human friends, especially if it means getting lots of gentle rubs in the oh-so-sweet spots around the face and neck. But don’t let the cuddly side fool you, Bramble is still young and spry and also loves indulging in playtime! A game where he can chase after treats or plush toys is always welcome.

Working on: His confidence! Bramble is a southern gentleman through and through, so he’s pretty nervous of the hustle and bustle of New York City. Fast movements and loud sounds—both outside on the street and from people indoors—are scary for this pup, and he makes it clear through his body language. He would blossom with obedience training to help boost his confidence. 

Dream home: Bramble is a sensitive guy, so he’s looking for a patient adopter who lives in a quiet area who will give him time to settle in and take things at his own pace. Small kids can be a little too much for Bramble, so he’d prefer to live with teens and up. If you think this sweet boy might be a good match for you, come meet him today!