White/Brown Brindle
Mixed Breed
3 years

Sure, you already have 206 bones in your body, but do you have room in your life for one more? Our good boy Bones is as sweet as they come! A big guy in size, this lovable dog has a heart and smile to match! Bones’ fun-loving energy is contagious, and he’s waiting for you to swing by his kennel and meet him! But be prepared—you’re sure to fall in love.

Big fan of: People! You can feel the love radiating from Bones. He may be a large guy, but he’s a lap dog at heart and will curl right up on top of you to let you know that he’d like some cuddles! You might even receive a few kisses as a "thank you." But, when you’re all out of scratches it’s no problem for Bones! He’s sure to invite you to a fun play session. Bones is a huge fan of squeaky toys, especially when they’re involved in a good game of fetch. He’s still got that puppy spirit about him and will jump adorably around the room as he chases after that toy! Once he brings it right back, Bones likes to take his “good job” congratulations in the form of belly rubs. And Bones doesn’t limit his playtime to just people, either. He enjoys messing around with most other dogs, too!

Special features: The world is an exciting place for Bones, and he always enjoys going on walks where he can experience it all! Bones sometimes forgets not to pull when walked on a collar but does great on a special harness. He’s a smart pup, too! This guy always works hard for a taste of his favorite treat and is currently learning to remember to only use the bathroom outside. Our Matchmakers can give you some tips to help Bones as he adjusts to his new home.

Dream home: Bones is looking for an adopter with previous large dog experience who can give him plenty of love and belly rubs! He can live with children ages 10 and up.