Brown/ White
American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
9 years

Say “hello” to Bobo! Everyone who has met this sweet guy loves him! While Bobo only has three legs, he doesn’t let that get him down one bit. Greeting friends and strangers alike with a beautiful smile, Bobo enjoys nothing more than letting his funny personality shine and getting a few belly scratches along the way. He’s more than ready for a new home, and he’s hoping it might be yours!

Big fan of: Showing off his belly! Whenever Bobo is feeling happy—and trust us, that’s a lot of the time—he immediately rolls over to show his underside. He does seem to enjoy belly rubs when he does this, but even if your hands are full, it doesn’t matter to Bobo! This sweet boy still happily rolls around on his back without a care in the world. Bobo thinks that toys and playtime are okay, but he’d much rather spend his time getting loved on by his people of going for walks instead! Bobo has no trouble walking, even with his tripod status, and has been working on his leash manners while at the ASPCA Adoption Center—and it’s clear that he’s super smart! In addition to getting a little better every day, Bobo has a rock-solid sit. He also already seems to be house trained and may even know stay and roll over!

Working on: His leash skills! While out for walks, Bobo tends to get a bit distracted by other dogs. When he spots other pups, Bobo likes to stare or pull towards them. Our Behavior team has been working with Bobo while he’s been with us, and we’ve definitely started to see a little progress! In his new home, Bobo would benefit from a walking route where he’s less likely to see lots of other dogs, continued training and lots of yummy treats.

Dream home: Bobo has made progress with his walking skills during his time at the shelter—and he’s looking for an adopter who can continue that training! We’re not sure if Bobo has much experience with other dogs, cats or children, but our Matchmakers would be happy to speak with potential adopters about adding Bobo to any type of family. If you’re interested in adopting him, please fill out our Dog Adoption Survey!