American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
4 years

Our pretty gal Apple has been waiting and waiting for the day where she could be made available for adoption—and it’s finally here! Apple has been with the ASPCA for a while, and during her stay here she has become somewhat of an in-house celebrity. She’s made every single staff member fall in love with her, not only her cute-as-a-button face but also with her amazingly sweet and snuggly personality. Apple is a special lady looking for a special adopter, and this good girl is hoping you can look beyond some of her requirements to see the truly wonderful dog and amazing potential underneath.

Big fan of: People! Apple is often a little uncomfortable around humans she’s never met before, but beneath that tough exterior is a softy who just wants one thing: love. Even though she’s on the bigger side, Apple likes to pretend she’s a tiny lap dog and cuddle up with her favorite people—she’s pretty much the ideal date for a movie night at home on the couch! It’s impossible to even question just how happy she is when she’s getting some loving because the biggest, most adorable smile spreads across her face. When she has some time on her calendar that isn’t taken up by snuggle sessions, Apple loves going for walks and smelling all the good smells, playing with humans and other dogs alike, eating yummy treats from her humans’ hands and learning new tricks! Apple is smart as a whip and is even likely housetrained.

Working on: Getting comfortable around new people! Apple gets nervous and barks when potential new friends first approach her kennel, and once she goes home this may translate into barking at the door when visitors first arrive. But, with initial greetings in a neutral environment, Apple feels much more comfortable! She can be a little standoffish when actually meeting these strangers, but give Apple a few minutes to warm up and you’re sure to see her loving personality start to blossom.

Dream home: Apple is looking for a very understanding and special adopter. Apple was originally found tethered to a pole In the Bronx, with multiple bite wounds to her head and front limbs. We suspect the bites are from another dog, but because we can’t be certain Apple must be on quarantine until January 8th, 2020, per the Department of Health. Her adopter will be required to contact DOH monthly to provide an update on how our sweet girl is doing. Apple is not a fan of kitties and would prefer a home without them, but she does enjoy the company of other pups and would likely live well with a doggy roommate. Per the DOH’s requirements, proof of rabies vaccination must be provided for any other dogs in the home.