Brown/White Tabby
7 years

Once you catch a glimpse of those handsome green eyes, you can’t help but love Pirulo! It’s “the kitty and the hare” with this guy. Sweet Pirulo likes to take things slow and get to know his surroundings inside and out before he lets his personality shine! Pirulo will give you that beautiful “welcome home” look from his favorite spot when you walk through the door, and after steady introductions Pirulo is a fan of gentle pets and head scratches. It’s baby (or should we say, kitten) steps for him, but give it time and Pirulo will be your favorite buddy for a quiet day at home!

Pirulo is looking for a patient adopter who will give him the time he needs to get comfortable and open up in his new home. He would like a quiet home with an experienced adopter and can join a household with children ages 14 and up.