Grey/White Tabby
14 years

Meet Georgio!

This gentleman has a taste for the finer things in life—chin rubs, good conversation and quality time with his pals. He is even a bit chatty!

Georgio is a mellow guy who loves quiet, gentle attention. He likes to get to know new friends, and appreciates slow introductions. Georgio will nuzzle your hand, eager to be pet and stroked once he has warmed up to you.

This special cat is looking for a quiet home with an experienced cat adopter and kids ages 14-and-up.

MYM Feline-ality:
Leader of the Band

I'm a cat who does everything in a big way. I not only like to be in the middle of things-I like to lead the parade. I'm an adventurous cat, but I'll still make plenty of time to show you my affectionate side. I'm the demonstrative type, you might say. Want a cat who's brimming with confidence? That's me.