ORange Tabby
1 year

Looking for Dodger? Look up! Dodger knows he’s a king and likes to survey his kingdom from the top of his castle. When he’s had enough of being in the highest spot he can possibly find, Dodger comes right down to get some love from his friends! Dodger is a sensitive guy and can get a little nervous in new places and around new people, but he’s the definition of sweet and affectionate one he’s comfortable! When he’s as relaxed as can be, you can find Dodger rolling around on his back, playing with toys—especially those that contain catnip! And he enjoys making biscuits on his favorite fluffy blanket. Give him some scratches and Dodger is one happy kitty!

Dodger would like a quiet home with an adopter who has some previous cat experience. He would do best with children ages 14 and up.