We have great news, New Yorkers! On June 7, 2018, the City Council passed Intro. 401, which legally requires that full-service animal shelters will be operated in all five boroughs by July 1, 2024!

Currently, the Bronx and Queens—home to nearly 3.6 million people—have only "animal receiving centers,” which don’t provide shelter, medical or adoption services to homeless animals. Animals are taken in but soon transferred to shelters in other boroughs, reducing the chances that lost pets from these boroughs will be found by their owners. The lack of full-service shelters has also been an obstacle for potential adopters in Queens and the Bronx, which is unacceptable given the lives at stake.

This legislation will help ensure that vulnerable animals in every Bronx and Queens community get the care and second chances they’ve been waiting for. We are grateful for the New York City Council's pledge to protect at-risk animals in every community in this city, and we look forward to working with its members, the City, and Animal Care Centers of NYC to provide homeless animals with the care they need and deserve.

What You Can Do

This victory was years in the making, and we need to show our elected officials that they are on the right track. Please use the form below to email your New York City councilmember to thank him or her for supporting this important animal-protection measures.

Thank you, New York!