Volleyball Is Sure to Score Some Points with You!

March 9, 2022

Meet Volleyball! This sweet, beautiful girl came to us from an unfortunate situation where she never had the chance to learn how to be a “real” dog. She’s made lots of progress with us and is now looking for a home with a family who will love her unconditionally and continue helping her get better and better!

According to our staff, “Volleyball is goofy but smart, and once she warms up to you, she’s very sweet! She loves neck scratches the most and does the fastest zoomies. Her favorite hobby is tearing up toys, and the destruction must continue until the squeaker is removed—but she is very gentle with trading when treats are offered!” Volleyball also loves going for sniffy walks outside.

Volleyball is looking for an adopter in the tri-state area who can give her the training she needs to become her best self, like learning what is and isn’t appropriate to chew on. It will take Volleyball some time to adjust to any new home, but just wait until she shows her true colors! When it comes to housemates, Volleyball would prefer a home without cats, would like to meet any dogs one-on-one and prefers to live with teenagers. This gorgeous girl is truly a suburbanite at heart and would love to live in a single or multi-family home in a low-traffic area.

If you’re ready to serve it up with Volleyball, check out her profile to complete an application!