June 25, 2015

Attention Pet Parents: Tomorrow Is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Attention Pet Parents: Tomorrow Is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Pull out your pup’s business casual collar because Friday, June 26, is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

If your workplace is participating in this year’s fur-tivities, we hope you’ll consider bringing your four-legged friends along to your 9-to-5.  Not only does evidence suggest that businesses that allow pets have happier, healthier employees, but your pooch may even encourage your non-pet owning coworkers to adopt a furry friend of their own. Here are some easy tips to help make your dog’s day on the job a big success:

Dog-Proof Your Workspace
Hide loose electrical cords and wires that your pup could be tempted to chew, and stash potentially toxic substances like plants, markers and other office supplies. Dogs love leftovers as much as we do, so be sure to empty your trash can of any remaining crumbs from yesterday’s lunch—and keep your pup distracted from others’ garbage, too!

Good Manners, Please
No matter how cute your pet is, constant barking can be distracting to fellow coworkers. Help your pup brush up on his or her manners before heading into the office with these ASPCA training tips.

Come Prepared
Bring your dog’s food, bowl, leash and favorite chew toys and treats to keep him or her occupied during the workday. Consider bringing a baby gate to corner off your doggie’s area if you anticipate being away from your pet at any point.

Break Up the Workday
Incorporate a few ten-minute breaks into your day to give your pup some fresh air and exercise, or plan to have lunch with your furry companion at a pet-friendly restaurant or grassy spot outside. If your dog makes canine-buddies easily, get other dog-owning colleagues to come along or head out on a group walk.

For more ways your dog can make a great first impression on his or her human (and canine!) colleagues, check out our full list of office etiquette tips.

Bringing your dog to work tomorrow? We’d love to see your photos. Tweet them to us at @ASPCA using the hashtag #takeyourdogtoworkday and we’ll share our favorites!