Missouri, Reject “Right to Farm” Constitutional Amendment

UpdateAugust 13, 2014:  Thank you to all of you who made your voices heard and rejected this deceptive measure on Election Day. Sadly, despite our best efforts, Amendment 1 passed by the narrowest of margins, squeaking by with a 0.2% lead. That’s only 2,528 votes out of the almost one million cast. You can read more on our blog post on Amendment 1 here. The ASPCA will continue to stand up for Missouri’s animals, and we hope you will continue fighting alongside us.

The ASPCA has joined the “Missouri’s Food for America” coalition to urge Missourians to vote NO on Amendment 1. Amendment 1, which will be on the ballot today, Tuesday, August 5, seeks to hijack any and all regulation of activities related to agriculture—including puppy mills—from Missouri voters, the state Legislature, state agencies and local governments. Instead, it hands a blank check to foreign corporations to use and abuse Missouri’s land and its animals for profit without consideration for animal welfare, consumers or public safety.

Altering Missouri's Constitution with the misleadingly named “Right to Farm” amendment is a dangerous and unnecessary maneuver that would likely prevent citizens from casting their votes at the ballot box on any issues related to animal agriculture. It would likely block even the Legislature from intervening!

Please vote NO on Amendment 1 today!

Thank you, Missouri!