Massachusetts: Oppose Creation of Livestock Board!

MA H. 713—Establishes Livestock Board
Rep. Stephen Kulik
ASPCA Position:  Oppose
Action Needed:  If your Massachusetts state senator or representative serves on the Joint Environment Committee, use the email below to urge him/her to oppose this bill.

The Massachusetts Legislature is currently considering H. 713, a bill to create a state Livestock Care and Standards Board. This board of appointees would have a lot of power to decide how farm animals in your state may be treated—or mistreated—but would not be accountable to the public. 

Thousands of animal advocates in your state have been working extremely hard on a 2016 ballot measure to ban certain forms of cruel confinement on Massachusetts farms—H. 713 represents a direct threat to the ballot measure. If passed, this bill could set back farm animal welfare in your state by decades.

What You Can Do
If you have a legislator on the Joint Environment Committee (see a list of members here), please use the form below to send him/her an email. You may add your own comments in the space provided, or just send our message as-is. Don’t forget to call your legislator, too!

Thank you, Massachusetts!

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