Louisiana, Hold Breeders Accountable! Support Bill to Protect Dogs in Puppy Mills

LA H.B.710—Commercial Dog Breeder Registration
Sponsor:  Representative Thomas Carmody
ASPCA Position:  Support
Action Needed:  Please call and email your Louisiana state representative in Baton Rouge and urge him or her to support this important bill. See action steps below.

Commercial dog breeding facilities can be horrible places. Breeding dogs are typically kept in tiny, wire-floored cages and are forced to bear litter after litter without adequate veterinary care or proper shelter. Many go their whole lives without ever experiencing human affection.

In Louisiana, these facilities have essentially no oversight. Because they're not even required to be registered, commercial breeding facilities can easily spiral out of control and subject animals to immense suffering.

Fortunately, the state legislature is considering legislation that would require commercial breeders to register with their local parish and be inspected annually. This would be a great step in the right direction for the long-suffering dogs in commercial breeding facilities!

What You Can Do
Please help Louisiana’s puppies and breeding dogs by taking these easy but important actions now:

1) Place a quick, polite phone call to your state representative in Baton Rouge and urge him or her to support this humane measure. You can find his or her name and phone number here.

2) Next, follow up on your call by using the form below to email your state representative with the same message of support for H.B. 710.  Please note that the form has two steps. After you submit your information, you will be able to view and edit our pre-drafted message before authorizing it to send. Be sure to tell your representative why protecting dogs in puppy mills is important to you!

Thank you, Louisiana!

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