USA: Tell the Secretary of Agriculture to Stop Using Tax Dollars to Fund Animal Cruelty!

Update—February 5, 2015:  Please visit our new alert on this issue, which targets Congress: USA: Urge Congress to Support AWARE Act to Stop Farm Animal Research Cruelty!

Piglets crushed to death by their mothers, who have been scientifically bred for unnaturally high multiple births. Weakened and deformed calves born to cows who have been “retooled” to have twins and triplets when they usually bear only one calf at a time. Lambs born in open fields left to die excruciating deaths in an experiment to see whether their mothers, normally dependent on human help, would nurture their babies despite severe weather and predators.

It sounds like a horror movie, but, as reported in The New York Times, these are just some of the very real atrocities that occur at the USDA’s U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, a sprawling complex of laboratories in Nebraska with the overarching mission to help meat producers make more money.

And even more galling: it’s funded by your tax dollars.

Farm animals—both in agricultural research and in on-farm production—are excluded from the protections of Animal Welfare Act, which sets standards for other kinds of animal research. But this glaring exemption does not mean this abuse should take place and be sanctioned by our government. We need you to speak out.