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The ASPCA Commits $25 Million to Help Los Angeles’ Animals

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 2:00pm
LA Spay/Neuter Clinic opening ceremony

We’re excited to announce today that the ASPCA has dedicated $25 million to assist animals in need in Los Angeles, California in a multi-year effort. Like many communities, Los Angeles faces immense challenges related to homeless animals—roughly half of the animals that enter L.A. area shelters do not find homes. We plan to build on the strong foundation created by Los Angeles’ animal welfare community, working closely with local groups to provide critical services to save lives and help keep families and their pets together.

The ASPCA’s efforts in L.A. will include five key programs:

  • Spay/neuter: The ASPCA will operate a spay/neuter facility for animals owned by South L.A. residents, as well as animals sheltered at the South Los Angeles Animal Care Center–Chesterfield Square facility. Procedures performed at the facility will be fully subsidized.
  • Subsidies for local rescue groups: We’ll provide funding to subsidize fees incurred by local rescue groups when transferring animals from the Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City shelter system into their facilities or networks.
  • Animal relocation: The ASPCA will kick start a relocation program to move animals from L.A. metropolitan area shelters to communities where they’ll have better chances of being adopted.
  • Safety net programs: These programs are designed to keep animals in their homes by addressing the needs of pet parents with scarce resources and limited access to critical services.
  • ASPCA grant funding: We’ll provide funding annually to local partners for intervention programs, spay/neuter programs and medical care for animals in low income areas.

In addition to Los Angeles City Animal Services and Los Angeles County Animal Control, the ASPCA is collaborating with Best Friends Animal Society in support of their No-Kill Los Angeles initiative and local animal welfare organizations including Downtown Dog Rescue, The Amanda Foundation, Stray Cat Alliance, Fix Nation, The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, Found Animals Foundation, Bark Avenue and others.

We’re looking forward to this exciting new venture on the West Coast, and we can’t wait to help countless animals in need in the L.A. area.



suzann jones

How can our veterinary hospital….ken jones animal hospital..1708 17ht st. santa monica, ca. 90404…310 477 4400…310 824 2588,,PARTICIPATE IN THE SPAY & NEUTER ETC PROGRAM FOR LOS ANGELES….WE ARE OPEN 7 FULL DAYS A WEEK.


Please start with low income communities like East Los Angles. So many strays that I see wandering the streets......You need to also set-up mobile units to go into these areas and pick-up these animals that are suffering. South Los Angeles, El Monte, so many areas with HUGE homeless animals is the streets everyday. This looks like a 3rd world country ...START with PICKING UP all these stray in streets....Don't wait for people to call you!!..they won't. Most of these citizens don't care!!

Lilly I. Antunez

We all need to join together and help out, volunteer and get this strays out of the streets. We need to educate our low income communities that having a pet is a great responsibility and not a toy. They feel too and if everyone in the community would help out it would make it easier to tackle the problem. I Love my furry 4 legged friends. There's been many times over the years that I've rescued and used my money to have them neuter/spay or I'll get vouchers as well as getting them vaccines. providing a roof to stay while I look for someone to adopt them


Bless you, Lilly! You are a good soul and great work in your community!

Melanie Hoyt

There is a huge problem with strays in Desert Hot Springs. The main breed on the streets is pit bulls, also there mixes. I have told the city's leadership repeatedly that the single thing they could do to improve the status of the city is to eliminate the stray problem. The police have said that whenever they go on a raid they know they will be greeted by pits, it's just a question of how many. DHS is pit bull headquarters.


Please, please look into SEACCA Downey. They stopped reporting shelter statistics on their website and are killing adoptable animals on the 2nd day the become available. They operate in LA County and contract with cities such as South Gate, Lakewood, La Palma, and others. They cover a huge area and population and they don't have the facility to manage the number of animals that enter their doors. Their animals are sick and they don't receive the basic care that is required by state law.

Anna Powers

Glad you called this to their attention. Hope they listen to u.


Devore is known as a HIGH KILL shelter. The animals don't stand a chance there. It may take a change of administration there to move to NO KILL, which is being done successfully in many shelters around the country. The animals need time, to be fostered in temporary homes, to allow them to find an appropriate home. We are responsible for these animals' welfare. Healthy, adoptable animals should NEVER be murdered.

kathy reese

She is right - I lived in Downey for 15 years and their facilities are totally inadequate for the number of animals they process - it is NOT a NO KILL facility and they will euthanize animals faster than just about any other shelter - I almost lost one of my cats and one of my dogs becuz of their euthanizing procedures-- Downey animals need your help just to have a chance to survive - especially the cats

Canadian Rescuer

Thank Heavens!! this is long overdue. Makes me so sad that so much money is required for this. What is wrong with people! Pets are family not possessions.