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Factory Farming Video: The Brutal Basics of Modern Farms

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 11:45am
Factory Farming Video: The Brutal Basics of Modern Farms

Confine, medicate and mass-produce: This is the basic operating strategy of America’s factory farms, and it’s very bad news for farm animals. Today the ASPCA is releasing a new animated video that tells the chilling story of how modern, industrial agriculture practices defy common sense and cut corners—and how the industry follows that up by pushing for state laws to hide the rampant animal cruelty.

 “Ag-gag” bills are attempts to criminalize efforts to investigate illegal or unethical activities—like animal abuse, food safety violations and unsafe working conditions—taking place on factory farms. Ag-gag legislation is sweeping this country like an epidemic, with almost half of all states having proposed these unconstitutional bills that would punish those who would speak truth to power. The ASPCA is fighting to block these bills wherever they appear.

Help us by watching the video, signing this anti-ag-gag petition to your state lawmakers, and sharing both with your friends!

Whistleblowers have brought to light horrendous cruelty and sickening conditions on factory farms. The American public deserves to know where our food is coming from, and the ASPCA is committed to improving the lives of farm animals—but these fundamental protections can’t be achieved  when it’s a crime to simply expose the truth. It’s time for lawmakers to stop protecting Big Ag and start supporting American values like transparency, a safe food supply and animal welfare. 

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I didn't need to watch to know I'd be facing 'legal' abominations in the field of treatment, just about the same the world over. The ghastly butchering being suffered by " mere animals, after all"... -- Humans are animals. Those not wanting to admit it had better suffer the treatment they inflict on others themselves. Volunteer, anyone?

Yoel Cohen

I agree with Samantha, that is why I became vegetarian 5 years ago and sorry that
I did not do it years ago.

Vivienne Ben-Shir

Being a vegetarian is only the tip of the iceberg. You have to consider the miserable lives of cows on dairy farms and the fact that their babies are taken away immediately after birth and the males are killed after a few days for veal, and the horrendous abuse in the egg industry and the vile conditions the hens live in. Being vegan is the only way to have a clear conscience and then being a campaigner for the animals.

Carol Givens

AMEN, great post!!

Dyan Merick

Yes. Go vegan and live a healthy life. End the misery of cows who have their calves taken away at birth to turn into veal, then are impregnated again to keep the milk flowing for humans that was meant for her baby.


Yes! All animals feel pain and want to live. So many people that are horrified by the abuse of cats and dogs will pay others to do the cruelest things to farmed animals who are no different when it comes to their capacity to suffer. It's easy to choose food from plants rather than animals every time we eat and thus spare animals from the horrors inherent in ALL food production. Chickens used for egg production (free-range, organic, battery cage, etc.) are slaughtered at 1-2 years when egg-laying declines. ALL the male chicks are killed in gruesome ways (ground alive, suffocated in trash bags, etc.) shortly after birth. Male calves are useless to the dairy industry and are either raised for veal or killed immediately. Spent female cows, whose bodies have been ravaged by repeated pregnancies and milking are slaughtered at a mere fraction of their natural life spans when production declines. If you care about animal abuse and don't want to support it, go vegan. Resources and recipes abound on the internet. Learn more about the humane myth of so-called "humane" animal farming at

Kathy Duncan

Well said.


I agree with you 100%

sylvie langevin

Its god to see that someone cares enough to take the time to write about their thoughts and feelings. Very well said. Thanks for the honesty. makes me feel sad and very depressed to know about the animal suffering, but when i see that there is people like me with my thoughts and vegan food habits, i feel a liitle better every time......thanx


I am with you on that, this is why I became a vegetarian. I only wish more would follow suit. Those who won't either don't care about what the animals suffer through day in and day out or they turn a blind eye to it and don't want to hear what is going on.