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ASPCA Partner Community: Louisville Reunites Lost Pets with Parents

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 4:00pm
ASPCA Partner Community: Louisville Reunites Lost Pets with Parents

Nearly 100 lost and stray dogs brought to Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) in Kentucky each month find their way back to their pet parents, thanks in part to the efforts of a new lost and found coordinator funded by the ASPCA.

“That’s a 40% increase over what we’ve had in previous years,” says Margaret Brosko, senior manager of special initiatives and communications for LMAS. “But the data doesn’t even begin to tell the story.”

LMAS is one of three partner agencies (along with the Kentucky Humane Society and Alley Cat Advocates) comprising the ASPCA Partnership in Louisville. Last July, with a grant from the ASPCA, LMAS hired Lost and Found Coordinator Megan Fox, a former customer service representative, who once dreamed of becoming a large animal veterinarian.  

Since Fox’s hiring, the abundance of happy endings and reunions have been bringing tears of joy to pet parents, LMAS shelter staff and volunteers alike.

There was the Boxer, Rocky, from Jeffersonville, Indiana, who ended up at LMAS 10 days after disappearing on July 4, 2013. Fox spotted a posting for a lost Boxer on Craigslist, and days later noticed Rocky in LMAS’s kennels.

“When I contacted Rocky’s owner, he was hesitant to come in because of the distance; he figured his dog was gone forever,” she said. “But it was him!”  When she spoke with the owner recently, he said Rocky is “fat, happy and crazy.”

There was a Husky, Sheba, who had been missing for two years. On November 1, 2013, she arrived at LMAS as a stray. Her microchip enabled shelter workers to trace her back to her pet parent, who picked her up that very day.

The LMAS website allows citizens not only to register lost and found pets, but also to view the latest lost and found pet entries. The public is also encouraged to call or visit the shelter if their pet is lost.

“We’re lucky to have several really good resources for lost and found pets in our area,” adds Fox. “The people are dedicated and post sightings of lost or found pets. I’m in daily communication with them and try to be the keeper of that information.”

With the spring and summer months ahead, LMAS is bracing for a high intake of strays. But Brosko is hopeful. “We’re lucky to have so many people who care about getting them back home. Our entire team helps people fill out reports, walk through our kennels and share information. We are continually evolving and improving—and people really feel like they’re part of the process.”

That’s especially true for Fox: “I absolutely love being a part of this team of amazing, compassionate, dedicated people, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to help animals every day!”

Learn more about the ASPCA Partnership in Louisville.

ASPCA Partner Community: Louisville Reunites Lost Pets with Parents

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You people are AWESOME! I would be absolutely heartbroken if my dog went missing. Thank you for all the good that you do. Keep it up. These furry friends and their people parents depend on you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you all! The work you do is so incredible and important! It goes beyond words to say how moving it is to witness the power of your efforts to help these wonderful creatures return home.

Marilyn Schmidt

That's awesome! Keep up the good work.

Marilyn Schmidt

That's awesome! Keep up the good work.


Is there a way to bring this program to Washington State? We have many organizations here who would love to partner and bring lost pets home. Please take this email as a formal request to contact/bring your wonderful program to Washington state. Thanks so much, Animal Angels Network

Mary L Young

Thank you for reuniting pets and owners, and for caring enough to devote all your time to this.


What a fabulous idea! I wish all shelters would do this.


We donate to you every month and it is wonderful with what you do with all the money sent to you. God bless all of you that donate and all of Aspca animal lovers.


Megan, it sure sounds like this is the job for you. So many lost dogs are going to luck out and get back to their families due to your work. Congrats for finding a perfect job for yourself and helping so many dogs and people to be happy again.

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