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Join Our Fight Against Anti-Whistleblower "Ag-Gag" Laws

Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 10:45am
Little white lamb

You may have heard a lot of talk about Idaho recently, and it’s no small potatoes. Idaho’s governor, C.L. “Butch” Otter, recently signed into law a controversial anti-whistleblower “ag-gag” bill that punishes those who expose abusive conditions on factory farms. Though Governor Otter claims this law will keep agriculture producers “secure in their property,” we, and countless others concerned about the welfare of animals, are extremely concerned about the greater implications of ag-gag.

In passing this bill, Idaho became the seventh state to enact an ag-gag law. By effectively closing out journalists, investigators, and even the general public from animal production facilities, the agribusiness industry can continue to keep consumers in the dark about where their food is coming from.

We have seen countless instances of abuse on industrial farms, including the recent case of a Wisconsin dairy farm that produces cheese for the frozen pizza brand DiGiorno. Undercover footage taken by Mercy For Animals caught workers at this farm viciously kicking, stabbing, beating, and dragging cows, and the footage led to 11 charges of criminal animal cruelty. Without such footage, we may never have known of these horrors, and because of ag-gag laws, we may never learn of countless other, similar instances.

Sadly, these bills are popping up everywhere, and we’re up against a mighty opponent. We, and the animals, need your help to make sure that no more of these bills, or any others that imperil the lives of animals, pass into law.


For the animals, for the safety of our nation’s food supply, and for the health of you and your family, please stand with us today.

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otter is a rancher, and probably getting campaign funds by signing this bill. he is condoning the abuse, beating, and sexual abuse of animals. they had it on film......some were convicted, but these people need to be stopped.there are really no laws protecting any animals in Idaho.

mildred yarborough

Just goes to show you that everybody has a price with how low and despictable they will become.....just got to figure the price . No matter how fancy a car and house and suit, when a person supports this type of cruelty they are as guilt as the people committing. Of course, a greater house and more expensive car with the new money coming in will make them forget the cries of pain, of anguish, of torment behind doors, unseen.....and unheard now .with your sick hide it... I HEAR THEM. I hope you burn in hell where you hear the cries of innocent , helpless animals forever.......


Agree. Those who commit evil act can't get away from their life, they are like mirrors and shadows that will always haunt them till they finally break down. No one can get away from Karma: what goes around comes around!! Beautiful can peace come from within, those who harm others can never experience the bliss as they have so much hate in their life. They will suffer more when their time comes.


Agree - so sad - how can any human condone this violence toward an innocent voiceless is not fair - stiffer penalties, real jail time - huge fines - we have to stop this disgusting animal abuse.

Donna Coutant

Hurting a defenseless, innocent, voiceless animal is beyond disgusting!! Strict, hard punishment must be put into place for animal abusers - any of them and all of them - NO exceptions!! Not just a slap on the wrist or turning to look the other way!! It will never end otherwise!! These people who get a sick feeling of power over hurting helpless animals are monsters and their inhumane treatment must be stopped. No loopholes of any kind whatsoever!! It is appalling!! Stop the suffering and agony and death of animals by stopping and punishing the abusers - every state - everywhere!!

Lola Sullivan

Donna, They will get theirs in the end,if not in this life,in the hereafter.God gave us the animals to look after and that doesn't include cruelty. I think he gave us the animals like cows and pigs to eat,but to be put down in a humane way.


I doubt it Lola- those kind of people- cruel, inhumane....just keep on going thru life without a thought to our precious animals and I doubt "they will get theirs in the end"- just a vicious circle.


If it's any consolation, I believe they'll "get theirs" when they meet their maker

Carol Givens-Hulbert

I believe that too but we must try NOW to end the horror that is these animal's lives. It may be a war we can't win but on the other hand we could possibly make life better for them. I have to believe that and we all have to try. If you do nothing else, stop paying these people for the cruelty they commit daily. Money is the root of any industry, this is big money. Alert enough people (you'd be amazed at the millions who don't have any idea) and many will care enough. It takes little change on our part to do the right thing. Anything dairy puts out vegan food does it and does it BETTER for health and taste. The spices used in vegan food are simply delicious and face it, that's what everyone likes about meat-- the taste of how it's cooked, not the meat all by itself.


Dolores---you are so right. As an animal advocate all my life, there are so many acts of animal abuse I see and "shutter" to think of what we don't see. I tell everyone "there is a circle in hell for anyone that ever abuses or harms any animal." There is an long time indian believe that when we pass away there will be all the animals we've helped/owned/rescued/or known at the gates of heaven. They will determine whether we get into heaven based on how kind we were to them. (we know alot that will be turned away to suffer in hell)!!