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ASPCA Happy Tails: Snuggly Siblings Steal Hearts

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 3:15pm
White and orange kittens snuggling

CUTENESS ALERT! When we received the below video of ASPCA alums Finn and Perri, we knew it was too good to keep to ourselves. The four-month-old felines were adopted last month after entering our shelter as starving strays, and they are clearly thriving in their new life. We caught up with their adopter, Chris H., to find out how these aww-dorable siblings are doing.

“When we first saw Finn and Perri, we knew they were perfect,” says Chris. He and his family live in a large, three-story home, and were determined to adopt two young cats to help fill the space. “We felt that kittens have the best temperament for our two- and four-year-old children. Kittens are just as rambunctious as they are!”

In some ways, Finn and Perri’s adoption was meant to be. When Chris initially arrived at the shelter, he saw little Perri all alone. He fell in love with her and even took a photo for his wife—but then remembered that he was searching for a bonded pair. That’s when he found out that Perri had a brother, Finn, who was in surgery being neutered. “At that point, Finn was brought back in from his surgery. Upon seeing the two together, we decided to adopt them.”

Though Finn couldn’t go home for a few days post-surgery, the brother and sister were soon reunited in Chris’s home. Now they do everything together, including sleeping, playing and running up and down the stairs. Chris says, “The kitties are in kitty paradise with three floors to keep them in top shape, and a loving family that is absolutely crazy about them!” 

Check out Finn, Perri and all their cuteness in the video below:

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Finn and Perri are angels from heaven. What a beautiful story to go along with these absolutely gorgeous, sweet pussycats.


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This reminds me so much of my boys, Popcorn and Skittles. Similar markings too! Congrats to Finn and Perry for finding their perfect family! :)


I had 2 pure white sister kittens from the same litter when they were 5 weeks old
I was devistated when I lost them in 2012, they died 7 months apart both aged 19 & 1/2 they were the most affectionate cats to each other & to very human they came in contact with, they use to TALK to each other & to ME, it was amazing. The video of Finn & Perri reminds me of my 2 beautifull girl SILKY & SNOWY. If any one out there has 2 female pure white sister kittens would you let me know. 0755930154 or [email protected]


Sorry People I did not realize this was a USA Adoption site. I am in Queensland Australia. So I dont think you will be able to help me with my request above, how disappointing.


Check out Petfinder!

micheline dm

Its so nice to keep them togheter.Thank you Chris and family.The kitties look so happy and relaxed.Bless you all!


they are precious. my 2 cats do the same, i l;ove watching my 2, theyare the sweetest. dean ( named after our retired, unc basketball coach bill dean,) and deanna ,


they are precious. my 2 cats do the same, i l;ove watching my 2, theyare the sweetest. dean ( named after our retired, unc basketball coach bill dean,) and deanna ,


What a beautiful video. I love all animals and have three rescued cats. Love them all. Good luck to both of those beautiful cats and their new family.