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Chelsea: A Puppy Well Worth the Wait

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 11:00am
Tan cocker spaniel puppy

Gavrielle B. shared the following story with us about meeting Chelsea, a spunky little dog at the ASPCA Adoption Center, after waiting years to meet her perfect puppy match. As it turns out, Chelsea was well worth the wait.

We had wanted a puppy for years, and adoption was the only option for us. We knew we wanted to adopt a female puppy that would grow up to be a small to medium-sized dog. When Chelsea's litter became available, we visited the Adoption Center and Chelsea's golden coat and spunky personality won us over.

We had never adopted before, and we visited the Adoption Center for the first time in September to start looking for a puppy. We went back to the Adoption Center to walk through the available dogs once more before finally meeting and taking home Chelsea.

The adoption process was surprisingly straightforward and quick. Before we met Chelsea, a behavioral specialist gave us lots of information about typical traits of her breed so we knew what to expect. We also really enjoy going to puppy kindergarten every week where the behavioral specialists help us train Chelsea as she gets older.

We spoil her with toys and attention. She loves running back upstairs after her walks outside to play at home. Chelsea is the princess of the apartment and she knows it!

Cocker spaniel puppy laying on floor with toy

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