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NYC Carriage Horse Flips in Busy Street!

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 4:30pm
NYC Carriage Horse Flips in Busy Street!

It happened again: Yesterday a terrified carriage horse bolted down a busy New York City street, flipped over and was pinned to the ground. As traffic ground to a halt, rescue workers and good Samaritans labored to free the equine from under the wrecked carriage and prevent further suffering.

This is unacceptable. Carriage horses were never meant to live and work in today’s urban settings. From congested city streets to startling noises, New York City is a nightmare for these animals—and current City laws do not afford working horses adequate protection to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

"How many horses and people must be hurt before New York City wakes up and realizes we are in the 21st century?" asks Michelle Villagomez, ASPCA New York City Legislative Director. "Let’s change with the times and push for a safe, humane alternative."

Take Action!
Your help is urgently needed to protect our city's working carriage horses. The ASPCA has been working hard to pass legislation that would take the burden off these horses and create a more humane attraction for tourists. If you live in New York City please urge your councilmember to support and cosponsor Intro. 86A, legislation that would phase out horse-drawn carriages in New York City, replacing them with vintage electric cars. Yesterday’s accident is only the latest reminder that the time has come to get these sensitive animals off our streets.

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I tried to send a message to the council member but it would not accept it. It wounds me to see the poor NYC horses in the extreme heat and cold and in dense, noisy traffic. They live in small stalls in city stables. All that suffering so the drivers can get money from prom dates and tourists. We need to put an end, once and for all, to this silly practice and release these animals to pastures upstate where they can live out their days in peace and compassion.


I tried as well and it won't except it either.


The NYC Carriage Horses are magnificent, and they are what helps to make NYC the world class city that it is, while the raging and terrorist-like anti-carriage protesters do not. Shame on ASPCA to turn on those decent and hard working carriage drivers and their horses, as well as all the people who are employed in that industry and provide a great many services and products for the Horse Drawn Carriage Industry. A legal and humane business which provides a substantial number of jobs and revenue within NYC. As you know, NYC Carriage Horses have an incredibly impressive safety record over the past 30 years which can not be matched by any other equine activity, or just about any business for that matter. I'd like to know why the NYC Horse Drawn Carriages is the only business in NYC, or the entire country, which is unfairly burdened by a zero tolerance of mishap - no matter how slight? How unjust is that! Those anti-carriage people are disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves pimping photos of a couple of downed horses, over and over and over again, using those photos to swindle money from people misleading them to believe they are collecting money to 'save' horses. A complete lie. It is a fact that the NYC Carriage Horses are very well cared for and loved, they have a guaranteed retirement home at BSE. Something very well known and easy to check as to that validity by anyone interested, unlike the anti-carriage people who slander honest people and steal money and have nothing good to show for it. Just where are all the neglected and abused horses they have saved???? Where is their statement of accounts?? are they paying ASPCA to malign the NYC Carriage Horse industry????? Hmmm, a rigorous audit and investigation of ASPCA is in order.


Do YOU know anything about responsible horse care? You must not.


Please Emma and all the other anti-carriage horse pundits - please open your wallets and shut your ignorant yaps and start DONATING to REAL EQUINE RESCUES!


It would be nice to open this to non-USA residents as well. I hope that can be done, as more votes would definitely help.


But I like going for horse carriage rides


I tried also.....apparently no one holds the seat .....have to wait...........RIDICULOUS........I'll send a letter to Our Governor.......and other reps.......I VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION......This practice of using horses in any large city is Animal Cruelty......Vehicles and Horses don't mix.....!!!!!!!

Colleen Jackson

Mine not going through either!! This practice has to be stopped. I have been trying to fight this for years!!!

Susan Higgins

Bravo. Hopefully the ASPCA will see our comments and provide a better contact. Or simply write a letter and mail it to the Governor or Mayor, or both.